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We are currently seeking ambassadors who will be our future talents in Data, Digital, Cloud, and ERP

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Why Join us?

We’ve maintained the startup spirit as a source of creativity and an engine for innovation while providing you with the means to grow and a framework to ensure your work-life balance.

Inventiv IT is a collaborative model that promotes collective intelligence.


Inventiv IT was founded and continues to be led by ‘consultants,’ and that makes all the difference. They created a consulting and service firm that is distinct and participatory. When you join us, you become an ‘Associate,’ and you have access to a profit-sharing plan that allows you to receive a share of the company’s profits. We foster an entrepreneurial model that enables you to invest more and become a ‘Partner,’ thereby acquiring shares of the company’s capital under particularly advantageous conditions.


We mainly recruit our Inventives “on profile”, regarding your current skills but especially your potential to acquire new ones because we evolve in a world where technologies progress at a frantic pace. Adventurous spirits and other curious are welcome with us! Our flat organization allows us to follow the evolution of our talents and to offer you a tailor-made path so that you can progress quickly. You are expected to propose what you think is relevant to you.


From day one, you are welcomed by your manager (data, digital, cloud or ERP). He will introduce you to your referent whose mission is to ensure that your integration goes well but also to guide you the first two years. It’s a bit like a sponsor because he is there to introduce you to the team, answer all your questions but also to support you and find solutions. You will therefore regularly have informal exchanges together, but it is also with him that you will follow up on your mission every quarter.


The ‘Galaxies’ enable us to provide comprehensive and specialized centers of expertise to our Inventives, empowering them to enhance their skills. We frequently arrange meetups for knowledge exchange and feedback sharing. You gain access to an e-learning platform for your training needs and a comprehensive training catalog. We maintain strategic partnerships with technology publishers and uphold a robust certification policy. Moreover, our solution holders frequently lead workshops. You have the autonomy to determine the pace of skill development that suits you best.

Embracing organizational flexibility and collaborative efforts to enhance overall quality of life.

Transversality and Community

You can develop and nurture multiple expertise areas by interacting openly with other Inventives.

12 days of Working time reduction (RTT) per year

Plus, additional days for significant life events (such as marriage, childbirth, and paternity)

2 days of remote work per week

This hybrid arrangement allows you to better manage your time and enhance your quality of life

Enriching Collective Experiences

You will participate in seminars and team-building events to rejuvenate and connect with the galaxy.

Inventiv IT’s Contribution for Enhanced Quality of Life

Navigo Pass

The reimbursement of your Navigo pass is fully covered at 100%.

Phone and Internet

A monthly reimbursement of €50 will be provided.

Swile Card

€10 per day for your meal, with maximum funding of €5.29

Mileage Reimbursements

Expenses incurred during missions outside of the Île-de-France region are eligible for reimbursement..

Comprehensive Coverage

Your Axa health insurance provides you with comprehensive coverage for your healthcare expenses.

Acces to training

You will have access to training through our partner platforms and publishers

Global Talent, Interested in Building Your Career with Inventiv IT ?

Inventiv IT welcomes talents residing in other countries. you can directly Submit Your Application to Us. For Us, Diversity Is an Asset. Our Human Resources Team Will Assist You, Step by Step, in Achieving Your Career Goals Within the Inventiv IT Team.

Inventiv IT takes social responsibility seriously and has an ambitious CSR policy

In response to social and environmental challenges, our Inventives collectively commit to :

Prioritizing employee well-being in our projects.

Reducing our environmental footprint.

Enhancing our efforts in solidarity and professional inclusion.

Inventiv IT is certified with the BPI Excellence Label, a signatory of Planet Techcare, INR, and holds a Bronze rating in CSR by EcoVadis. We are partners with FITEC and ARCESI for professional integration

An commitment that allows you to contribute to meaningful projects.

Skills Philanthropy

Through our partnership with associations, we support you if you wish to leverage your skills for projects that are meaningful to you with non-profit organizations.

Inventiv IT Foundation

Skill transfer to the new generation, entrepreneurship, and universal access to resources are projects close to the heart of the Inventiv IT Foundation. You can get involved with us.

Who Are We?

Inventiv IT is the partner of innovative companies that leverage Data utilization and the power of Digital to create superior products or services. As a project accelerator, we tackle today’s technological challenges to help shape the world of tomorrow.

We draw upon our core values—collaboration, diligence, and trust—as we work diligently to cultivate an environment that nurtures collective intelligence.

Inventiv IT today comprises a team of over 100 consultants and experts who actively contribute to the success of multiple projects for major corporations and mid-sized enterprises.

Joining the Inventives means participating in projects that will contribute to improving the human condition, putting innovation at the service of humanity.


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