We guide you in mastering your data

Mastering your data means gaining the ability to react effectively in times of crises, making better decisions, and ultimately being able to steer your company through performance. It also entails identifying opportunities to enhance productivity and profitability.

We are enhancing your current system’s performance

We assist you in choosing a suitable data architecture for the structure of your data and intended use. We provide advice on the methodology to adopt and the right tools to use. We collaborate with you to create a data roadmap and support you in scaling your project for enterprise-level implementation.

We support you in the implementation

Whether it’s by speeding up the design phase through a Proof of Concept (POC) or Minimum Viable Product (MVP), managing project coordination, or developing in accordance with DevOps and CI/CD best practices, we deliver your projects with impeccable quality and within the specified timelines.

We also provide maintenance support

We support you in the corrective maintenance of your data applications. We also evolve them in line with business needs and work on enhancing their connectivity with other applications in your IT system.

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data management

Drive through data, not through theory.

More than ever, you need to be able to rely on reliable and high-quality data.

Data Management - Inventiv IT

Advice and Strategy

Looking for guidance in your Data Management project? We conduct a maturity audit of your current organization (models, frameworks used). We assist you in defining the models, rules, policies, and standards. We provide advice on the steps to take to improve the quality of your data and preserve it over time.

Solutions according to your business needs

Inventiv IT supports you in the design, tool selection, and implementation of your Data Profiling, Data Quality Management, and Master Data Management project.



Mastering your datas in the smallest details

Mastering your company’s data over time requires setting up a Data Catalog or data dictionary.

Advice, strategy and tools

We carry out an inventory of current data management in order to identify critical data for your organization. We map the actors, resources, tools and other systems that consume them. We also advise you on the appropriate tools, by providing you with comparison grids, RFI and test results.

Solutions according to your uses

Inventiv IT creates your Business Glossary and sets up the life cycle management system for your data. We offer you solutions to improve quality and bring you into compliance with regulatory requirements.


Tailor your architecture to fit your organization

Adopting a more open architecture requires understanding the needs of each profession within your structure.

Visuel data architecture

Advice and strategy

We carry out the audit of your current architecture, and we offer you Data strategy and acculturation thanks to the modeling of Uses cases, Road Map and redesign costing.

Solutions and support

We model a Use Case for you (via POC or MVP), with the aim of streamlining the tools. We offer you the design of your target architecture and we support you in the implementation.

Visuel data integration


Access your data in real time

Integrating all your valuable data from various sources and in different formats and making them accessible to all your APIs is the key.

Consulting, Strategy, and Tools

We offer a comprehensive technical audit solution for your business, including data capture strategy (batch or real-time), tool recommendations for your data hub, a transformation/modernization plan, and a cost estimate. With our assistance, you can enhance the efficiency of your data infrastructure while reducing costs.

Solutions Tailored to Your Business Needs

We offer services customized to address your requirements for data structuring, modeling, and distribution. We handle both Proof of Concepts (POCs) and the deployment of approved projects on a large scale.


Make your data accessible and readable

Making your team autonomous requires the accessibility of information. We carry out your data visualization, BI or data discovery project.

Visuel data insight

Advice and strategy

We provide you with our expertise in AMOA/MOE. We advise you in the rationalization of existing tools, in your Data system and the choice of best-of-breed solutions.

Solutions and support

We model business needs to quickly deliver a POC or an MVP to you. We support you in carrying out your traditional reporting, data visualization, in maintaining your Legacy tools in operational condition, but also in the migration to the latest generation self-service BI.

Visuel data science et intelligence artificielle


Take a leap into the future

Optimize your performance by taking advantage of the latest technological innovations in terms of AI, machine learning and deep learning.

Advice, strategy and tools

From ideation to the choice of tools and modeling algorithms, we help you reinvent your business, automate processes and enrich your user experiences.

Identifying solutions

We set up a POC tools and we take care of the deployment of your data pipeline. We also provide corrective and evolutionary maintenance.


By choosing Inventiv IT, you make the choice of innovation in serenity with an experienced team with recognized skills. Whether as a reinforcement of your project teams or with a commitment in flat rate mode, we have a real project culture that makes the difference : quality of the deliverables, respect of deadlines and fair price.

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Inventiv IT has more than 14 years of experience and supports major accounts and mid-caps in France and the Benelux region on various projects.

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