Inventiv IT helps you accelerate the reach of technological innovations

We help you implement your strategy

Making your entire system agile allows your structure to be resilient and adapted to the constant evolution of its environment. We advise you in improving your productivity and in modernizing your entire process. We intervene in the implementation of the master plan, the roadmap and the design of your architecture.

We make your current system more efficient

Transforming your current system into a software factory capable of automating and optimizing its entire development is crucial for your business to perfect its competitive advantages. We support you in project owner support and in the management of your Full DevOps/CI/CD projects. We realize for you software and applications (mobile and web).

We support you in the modernization

Digital transformation is an imperative step to sustain the development of your company. We are at your side for the overhaul of your systems, the APIzation of your IS, virtualization and migration to the cloud and the decommissioning of your legacy applications. Our Inventives bring expertise and operational strength to your request.

We also take charge of maintenance

Keeping your applications functional and accessible at all times without blocking your resources in tasks with lower added value allows your company to capitalize its strength to accelerate time to market. We provide you with operational and technical support, version upgrades, lift and shift and corrective, adaptive and progressive maintenance.

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Take full advantage of the cloud

Looking for modernizing your Legacy and reducing your infrastructure costs? Our Inventives support you during your migration : optimization of your resources, choice of cloud provider and governance over time.

Offre move-to-cloud

Cloud planning and transition plan

You want to be oriented in the choice of the architecture, in the security and in the migration lift and shift or refactoring of your applications? Our Inventives are at your disposal to accompany you.

Native cloud application development

You want to set up a DevOps structure, configure your CI/CD pipelines, set up a Platform as a Service (PaaS) or a microservices architecture? We help you from conception to realization.

Refactoring of monolithic applications

You want to add new features to your application through an incremental approach? You want a gradual decommissioning of your aging applications? We are at your disposal.

Automation of the cloud infrastructure

You want to be advised in the choice of tools to optimize your cloud configuration or you want a dynamic sizing of services, monitoring? Our Inventives accompany you throughout the project.

IS Modernization

Align delivery with business needs

The autonomy of your project team will be accelerated by the implementation of a more open architecture and modern technologies.

API management

You want to entrust the management of your APIs ? We support you in the design of the target architecture, the choice of APIs construction, key management, access permissions and security, in the control of the functional roadmap, the control of your infrastructure costs and the governance of your APIs.

Microservice architecture

You want to entrust the management of your APIs ? We support you in the design of the target architecture, the choice of APIs construction, key management, access permissions and security, in the control of the functional roadmap, the control of your infrastructure costs and the governance of your APIs.

Serverless Architecture

Want to build native cloud applications that consume less resources? We help you develop a serverless architecture to enable on-demand functions (Event Driven). We also set up your containers without management and without operation of servers or engines and we advise you in choosing your supplier (BaaS or FaS: AWS Lambda, Azure Functions, Openshift, etc.).


Reduce your maintenance burden

Optimizing your resources is a lever to gradually improve your performance and the transformation of your IS.

Offre TMA et CI/CD


You need a team to manage your incidents and to carry out your monitoring? We realize for you the MCO and TMA through the audit, preventive, corrective and progressive maintenance, level 1-2-3 with interventions to the tickets or SLA, the implementation of backup and restoration plan and the management of incidents and monitoring.

Outsourcing with result

You want to accelerate the time to market of your evolutions and automation ? We provide the service you need to do this : reversibility and technical recovery, life cycle optimization with a dedicated Product Owner, integration of an agile method, devOps and CI/CD pipeline in TMA, automation and QA.

Migration of infrastructure to the cloud

You need to migrate to the cloud? We assure you the service of rehosting and reconfiguration of VMS, optimization, refactoring. We work to ensure scalability and optimal high availability (SLA 99.99%), fair consumption of needs, data security and regulatory compliance and secure and direct connectivity to the database service.

Accelerate your project

Easily start your projects with a DevOps software factory

Accelerating your production capacity means setting up a software factory that allows you to automate all time-consuming tasks and guarantee quality. This is done in three steps.

Mise en place d'une usine logicielle DevOps

Design and QA

You will be able to create and manage your codes, perform automated tests, run them in parallel and perform analyses of your containers.

CI/CD pipelines

You can deploy your software in multiple environments thanks to the implementation of a packaged and pre-configured software distribution chain.

Setup and Supervision

You can ensure governance and scale compliance through infrastructure sizing and rights and access management that we help you set up.


By choosing Inventiv IT, you make the choice of innovation in serenity with an experienced team with recognized skills. Whether as a reinforcement of your project teams or with a commitment in flat rate mode, we have a real project culture that makes the difference : quality of the deliverables, respect of deadlines and fair price.

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